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Welcome to Petals!

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Those are the cheerful words you’ll hear when you step through the bright green door and enter a unique world of living decor.

Powered by a passion for plants, Jeff Wallitsch and Nique Freese have created and curated Petals, a shop that is focused on live plant material for both indoor and outdoor decor. The ideal destination for all things green, Petals is proud to offer plants, flowers, and pottery, along with exciting services such as custom container gardens and pre-made living containers.

Petals is located inside Digs Home & Garden in Chenoweth Square. “We’re so excited to be here,” says Jeff. “One of the really special things about our space is that it’s always changing and we’re always able to feature new plants as the seasons evolve and change. We’re able to bring in new plants and keep everything really fresh.”

Want to bring in your favorite pots and containers? Great! Jeff and Nique can help you create gorgeous planted arrangements right on the spot. “We have a passion for plants and we just want to make everything really beautiful for our customers, their homes and their patios,” Jeff says.

“One of the really exciting features of Petals is our custom services,” says Nique. The Petals team has been curating custom containers for homes and businesses for over 15 years, and they know how to maximize space, sun and shade for the most lush presentation possible. They’ll even take your color preferences into consideration, so your container garden can match your home decor or brand colors.

The customizations don’t end with containers however. The Petals team also does custom florals. “If you want something quick and easy, we do cut florals daily and arrange them in convenient grab and go containers,” says Nique. However, if you need something on a larger scale, the team is ready to help. Whether it’s a wedding, Derby party, or special celebration, Petals is able to help infuse your occasion with color and life.

We can’t wait to show you around our boutique and help meet all your living decor needs this spring and summer. If you’re ready to grow with us, we invite you to join our mailing list and stay rooted in all things Petals!



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